Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To Be....Unique!!

Answer me this....What is the first thing that goes through your head after the engagement has happened and planning begins???.......How can I  make my wedding stand out from all of the rest...make mine unique??
How many of you then hit cyber space looking for different ideas, or look in magazines for that perfect idea?
To make a wedding unique, you need to look at all the good tips that can guide you. This will reveal relevant tips that will see you make your wedding as special as you possibly can. First, you have to know that to make your wedding different; the key is in little detail. This can be in the arrangements of flowers, seating, photos and no you don't need a lot money to do this.

 Money will offer you great choices when it comes to making things unique but, if you are keen enough, you will find little things that will work brilliantly for you.  You need to consider the kind of invitations you send out to your guests. They should be tied to the "theme" of your wedding and, instead of dishing out invitations blindly, include a note that will inform your guests some of the details about the event. You can also include a note that informs them of something about the occasion that other weddings do not do.

Why not make a statement about your bridal party to share with your guests. Have you ever been to a wedding and was yearning for more information about people who are around the couple? Make it a learning experience as well as an eye opener for your guests.

Everyone wonders what the dress will look like, right up until they see it...why not make a fuss out of your gown ahead of time.  Invite photographers to make a buzz as they take pictures and have the news spread around.  People will actually want to see the kind of dress you have and get to wonder even more. Your dress may not be special at all but since there was a fuss, you will get more notice making your ceremony unique in this regard.
If there are prominent people around you, make sure you send them an invitation. This is because such people will make your wedding unique. They do not have to come but, you will have tried as word gets around of the dignitaries that were expected.  For example inviting Mickey Mouse or the President to come...they wont but they might send you something.

Here's an idea that most people don't think about, you can go an extra mile to personalize the napkins that you use and so on. Include love songs during the night either as a song or the lyrics placed in with the centre piece, people will not expect them and will go from table to table looking at the different songs. It is good to have different ideas working together to achieve the success that you are looking for. Look for ways in which you can twist things to achieve a blend of difference. Without a doubt, you will manage to create something different from the rest.

Let others compliment you on how your wedding is like (so and so's); this is the best way to ensure that you have done something differently. When others emulate you, you will know that no other wedding compares to yours. Remember, when it comes to designs in clothes, you can actually have something unique by consulting your stylist. Have them tailor make clothes that are just unique to your wedding.

So these are just a few ideas and there are so many more, nothing says you can't take someone's idea and make it slightly different to make it your own.  Let's face it we all take pride in our weddings and think they are the best....because they are, even if your décor is the same as someone else's, you might have a hula dancers or a smores buffet, birds flying loose or fish in a bowl. What ever you do it will be special and a day you will never forget.

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