Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Is your man a Groomzilla??

Fussing over décor, fiddling over menus and fretting over fittings; it's the grooms who are driving people up the wall these days, as D-Day approaches.

Move over ladies, your better halves have taken over the reins.  It's your would be grooms who are throwing  temper tantrums, suffering meltdowns and driving people mad over every little detail, in the days before the big day.  Did you know that actor Brad Pitt was recently called a groomzilla by a tabloid reporter?  He was driving his fiancée, Angelina crazy by obsessing over the tiniest details of their long impending wedding.  The actor was meeting local French farmers to finalise the menu, conducting taste tests with Europe's top chefs, assembling and re-assembling the wine list and picking outfits for his brood to wear.  But Pitt isn't alone; micromanaging groomzilla are lurking nearer to home.

We know that, traditionally, the bride-to-be would take her mother to appointments with vendors. Now, the role of mothers is often replaced by the grooms. We admit, if Mama I Do lives 3,000 miles away, we would be more than happy to have Mr. I Do by our side each time we had to meet with a vendor. Of course, it depends entirely on your circumstances: since Mr. I Do lives in the same city and our work schedules are very similar, it would be easy for us to pencil in vendor appointments in the evenings after work.

Aside from attending more wedding-related events and appointments, a lot of grooms are also raising their voices about their own wedding visions. It’s not unheard of anymore to hear of a groom who was particular about the flowers or the ceremony chair arrangement. Some guys do care about cake flavors—and some guys want a little bling on their own rings! It’s interesting what you learn about your man when you’re discussing the details. 
So here’s to all of the husbands-to-be out there who are supportive and lend a hand however they can.  And sorry for that glue gun that burned your hand.
How have you and your significant other divided (or shared) the work in planning your wedding?

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