Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Years of Marriage.....and the gifts that come with them.

Have you been married for a long time or are you just getting married?  I am sure you have heard once upon a time that there are certain elements associated with every anniversary in the way of gifts.  Yes that's right so when your beau gives you a poem on a piece of paper for your 1st wedding anniversary, he has actually taken the time to find out this special information.  So don't be upset that that is all you received it has come from the heart.  Here are a list of the elements for every year, did you receive one of these elements for your Wedding Anniversary and if so what was it?
  • Year Tradition         
  • 1st    Paper    
  • 2nd   Cotton   
  • 3rd   Leather  
  • 4th   Linen, Silk          
  • 5th   Wood              
  • 6th   Iron               
  • 7th   Wool                   
  • 8th   Bronze                
  • 9th   Pottery       
  • 10th   Tin            
  • 11th   Steel           
  • 12th    Silk           
  • 13th    Lace          
  • 14th    Ivory         
  • 15th    Crystal      
  • 20th    China   
  • 24th    Opal         
  • 25th    Silver               
  • 30th    Pearl         
  • 35th    Coral         
  • 40th    Ruby              
  • 45th    Sapphire   
  • 50th    Gold                 
  • 55th    Emerald    
  • 60th    Diamond (yellow)         

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