Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Can't afford extravagant centrepieces??...Try thinking out of the Box with DIY

Lets face it weddings are incredibly expensive; making DIY centrepieces is one of the quickest ways to cut your costs. You may think that renting or buying already put together decor will save you time and be less expensive than buying each individual pieces and putting together yourself, but in most cases the opposite is true.

Here are some ways you can DIY your centrepieces and put your personal touch into them.

  1. Photo

This is a fun and exciting way to show your guests your history with each other and everyone will have fun looking at them and flocking to other tables to see what other pictures they can find. Use any accents you would like to make it seem more festive. One recommendation is using black and white or sepia coloured photographers.
   2.  Fruit filled vases

Instead of using those little marbles or stones to fill your vases, use fresh fruit! If you are having a spring or summer wedding, this is such a fantastic idea! You can find a fruit for virtually every colour scheme. If you chose to use citrus fruit, slice the fruit and leave them peeking nicely out of the glass vase. If you choose to use apples, grapes, cranberries or other berries, simply leave them whole and allow them to float within your water filled vase. Have a few flowers with complementing colours sticking out of the top, and if you'd like to add a little more character, invest in a few submersible LED lights and let the light shine through the spaces between the fruit.
   3.  Floating Flora

Silk flowers, submerged in water look incredibly lovely. The best part about them is they are quite reasonably priced and you can find them in any shade you might need. Find various sized glass vases and place your flowers to your liking, then fill it up. If you want to add more flare, a floating candle on top gives it a perfectly charming touch. This centrepiece in quick, easy and very cost effective.
    4.  Ornamental Beauty

Ornaments are not just for Christmas, they come in such a variety of colours and styles that makes finding what you need very easy. If you are having a winter wedding, or one of your colours are silver or gold, this is absolutely ideal for you. But even if it is a spring time wedding with pinks and greens, you can use this great idea to create some fantastic DIY wedding centerpieces! They look the best in tall, wide containers, topping them with real or artificial flowers or some other decoration. If you have the ability, the best time to buy the ornaments you need the week or two after Christmas when they are on sale from 50-90% off at retailers.
     5.     Mirrored Tiers

You would need one large mirror for the bottom tier, then flip over 3 wine glasses, with flowers inside and lay a slightly smaller mirror on the top. Turn one more flower filled wine goblet upside down on the new tier and top with a pillar candle (or flower). This is so very simple to create and looks classy and elegant. Place accents around the base with what ever you choose, to add a little more dazzle.

   6.   Carved Creativity


If you are looking for a more rustic feel, or are trying to cut costs to bare minimum, this is an attractive, simplistic idea. All you need are logs, which most people can get free, some candles garden flowers and a little wood carving know-how. Make sure the logs are as clean as you don't want dirt lurking around your guests' food as they eat.
   7.   Candle Centrepieces


Candles are always a beautiful choice for a wedding centerpiece since they are elegant, romantic, and extremely versatile. Whether it is pillar candles on a mirror tile that is scattered with confetti or petals, floating votive in bowls of coloured water and decorative stones, elegant champagne glasses with dainty tea lights, or stylish lanterns creating a muted glow. Candles will add to the atmosphere while still protecting your pocket book.

The I Do Shop has everything you would need to do your DIY centrepieces. From all sorts of vases, candles and even some extras.  This will also save you the cost of buying your items and then storing them after, you can rent them and have them ready to be put together. This is also a stress free plus to doing a DIY project.
We are here to help make your special day a day you will never forget.

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