Friday, April 12, 2013

What's" Hot" For Spring 2013

When it comes to choosing your wedding colours, it can be challenging to choose a palette that feels fresh and fabulous. You may feel like it’s all been done before, and it likely has, but by personalizing your wedding colour palette is just a matter of picking different shades and combining them in a creative new way.
" It’s all about a balance of colour,"
Here’s a list and breakdown of  trendy hues for spring. We’re sure you will find inspiration for your wedding colours in this list.
Turquoise:  appears to have a green to blue shade and in some regions is almost the same color as the ocean. This color is excellent to wear when having a beach themed wedding or going away for a Destination Wedding.

Ice Blue: Think the 1960s, Valley of the Dolls and Cindy Sherman. Ice Blue is the coolest colour to watch—a great choice for your bridesmaids, cakes and floral greens.


Cornflower: Thought of as a neutral, Cornflower, is a versatile shade that is both attention getting and gentle.
Sage Green: This bright green shade is the perfect way to add a hit of juice to your wedding colour palette. Limeade is the haute hue to watch.

Yellow: Sunny, bright, playful and optimistic, what more could you want in a wedding colour? It is a is a great shade choice for flowers and cakes.

Violet: This soft shade of purple is a perfect complement to Yellow—ideal for your wedding colours. We love the softness of this shade—it’s a perfect colour choice for a fashion-forward wedding dress.

Ice Pink: Clean, simple and classic this tone is a perfect pick for an elegant celebration.


Royal Blue: This cool blue is bold and beautiful and just a little richer and more interesting than navy shades which have been popular wedding colour choices for ages.

 Red: If you want to make a statement, this is the colour for it. It’s a passionate, optimistic and romantic colour and a shade that many dress designers from Vera Wang to Oscar de la Renta have chose for their latest collections.

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