Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Balancing you life and planning a wedding can often be stressful, time consuming and too much for anyone to handle.  That's why hiring a Wedding Planner to help you plan your big fay can quite literally, end up saving the day!

Here are some reasons a wedding planner might just be the best route for you:

They Help Make Your Vision a Reality
Everyone has a vision for their perfect wedding.  It could be anything from entering the venue on a horse-drawn carriage to having a Halloween theme.  Having all these great ideas can be useless if you don't know where to start.  A wedding planner can help organize many aspects of your wedding including the D.J. floral arrangements, cakes, seating plan, invitations, photography, and so on.
This sort of help can relieve the stress on you and your groom.  Having a neutral person (with no connection to your family) plan your wedding can really help you stay on track with your original vision.  The couples' families often get involved and can sway the wedding the way they want it to be.  Planners eliminate this problem by being the only person organizing the event.  Be sure to find a wedding planner who has been in the business for a long time, because they have the background and experience to make your day run smoothly.

Time Saver
Planning a wedding can take up a lot of your time.  It's easy to miss something with so much to remember!  A wedding planner can help you remember all the small details, allowing you to focus on the big picture.  Wedding planners do all the hard leg work when it comes to your special affair.  They book all the vendors, set up the seating plan and run the event on the day of.  Having assistance in this department can save you a ton of time and let you enjoy the process, rather than drowning in it.  Make sure you stay connected with your planner and that you're upfront and clear about your vision.

Money Saver
The experience wedding planners' gain from working in the business day-in and day-out, often gives them the inside scoop on how to save money.  Planners have worked with many vendors, making them aware of extra costs that some people fail to mention before the wedding.  Since planners have worked with many vendors they know the best of the best, and the ones that should be avoided.  Additionally, they are often given everything at a discounted cost because they are continually providing business to merchants.  These connections could be just the thing to keep you within your wedding budget.

The Day Of
Even with a planner, you and your partner will probably end up putting a lot of time and money into your wedding.  But it's important to remember, that no matter how perfectly the day is planned, little things may go wrong and that's OK.  Having a planner to coordinate everything on your big day will allow you and your partner to relax and enjoy the celebration.  Your event planner will take care of scheduling, venue set-up, organizing vendors, answering questions and putting our any fires that may come up throughout the day.

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