Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Favors with a Flair

There's something extra memorable about any occasion (wedding, baby or bridal show, birthday party) that sends you home with a special treat.  These nine ideas are easy to create and really fun to give out to family and friends at just about any celebration.

Personalized Pencils

A simple idea with an old-school charm.  Buy colourful pencils in bulk and personalize them with favourite song lyrics or phrases that are meaningful to you.  Bundle them up with paper bellybands that you can be customized with stickers and hole punches in fun designs.

 Heart-Shaped Sparklers

Bird seed, bubbles, even rice had their moments....and not it's about celebrating with a little bit of light.  Hand out favors at the beginning of the party and invite guests to join you in letting the sparks fly.

 Love Letters

For a real yummy treat, send friends and family home with bite-size delights that share a special message.  Mix it up with words like YAY, THANKS, or personalize with monogram, initials, or even the wedding date.  Dress up plain acetate boxes with patterned paper that coordinates with your wedding colours.

Romantic Shades

Love may be blind, but id you look close enough you're sure to see hearts.  These unique 3D glasses are designed to see hearts when your eyes hit points of light in the dark.

Island Flair

If you're hosting a destination affair, choose a festive (fashionable) accessory as your take away.

Dessert Bar

Cup or cone? A delicious question that will be worth screaming about (at an appropriate level, of course) as guests are on their way out.

Messages in a Bottle

Just when you thought candy couldn't get any sweeter.  Enter personalized hard candy sweets.  These old-fashioned goodies can be customized by colour, special message, and design.  Package in unexpected tubes and top off with a ribbon and tag.

Perfect Mix

Everyone's happy when you've picked a yummy favor that's both salty and sweet.  These cashews have a scrumptious butter toffee coating that are sure to be devoured on the ride home.  Skip the typical bags and package them in boxes that coordinate with your signature colours.

All of the fixings (marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate) for making sure your guests are well-prepared for toasting at home.

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